We will remain UNIFIED during the Coronavirus Quarantine

We want to do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus to ensure that all of our members and their families remain healthy and safe during this time. We will do whatever we can as a church to help our community and sometimes that means changing the way we meet. We will begin live streaming our services on Sundays so that everyone can still attend services virtually. You can always catch our live stream feed on Facebook or view the live feed here. May God continue to bless you all!


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Thank you for visiting the “TOP” website! We believe that you will find this site inspirational, informative, and instructional.  We take this opportunity to invite you to visit the “TOP". Our church family is warm, friendly, and loving; and we are always excited to see new faces in our worship services. Our goal is for every believer to grow spiritually. Our design is to be a teaching and preaching institution for men, women, and children who are hungry to know about the Creator and our Savior Jesus Christ. We are delighted that you were led by the Holy Spirit to stop by our site. It is our prayer that you will leave strengthened, enriched, and that God will be glorified!


Tabernacle of Praise is a Missionary Baptist church that is conveniently located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. Our Mission statement and other pertinent information about our church can be found throughout the pages of this site. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the “TOP”, please give us a call or send us an email.


The Department of Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministry serves those who connect children,youth and young adults with Jesus Christ, each other, the Church and its mission. We work diligently to provide resources, training, formation and programs for ministry with children, younger and older adolescents and young


We welcome gifts to the ministry and mission of Tabernacle Of Praise Missionary Baptist Church from both members and non-members. Because we use SSL, placing a donation online at our website is safer than giving your credit card number over the phone. After you submit your gift information, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

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