Tabernacle of Praise offers a wide variety of ministries that are sure to meet your needs. Everyone is a tool in God’s hands. How will He use you? It is our desire to assist you in being all that our Lord has called you to be and to help in finding a place of service utilizing your God-given gifts, abilities, and talents. This information is provided to help guide you in finding your place in this ministry. Some areas require prior training or experience in order to be involved; however, in most of the listed areas of ministry, training is offered to equip you.

Fine Arts Ministry
Developed to train and to lead the body of Christ in praise and worship, by the Spirit, not according to the flesh. To minister through song, dance, mime, and drama.

Minister of Music: 

Markekeisha Finley

Phone: 901-522-8678


Percussions: Darius Herndon
Director(ess): Toni McIntosh, Alexis Partee, Sharquita Fason, Ericka Herndon.
Youth/Young Adult Choir: Mary Hawkins
Praise Dancers: Priscilla Moragne & Quantricia Maxwell
Mime Ministry: Gilda Gant
Drama Ministry: Clarrissa Glover
Media Ministry:  Derren Davis

Christian Education Ministry

Christian Education-Designed to develop and administer a curriculum that will promote spiritual growth and cultivate leaders, while making disciples. Our goal is to provide wholesome education and teachings to the body of Christ and to create ministries indicative of Christ and whose foundations are based upon a Biblical perspective.

Christian Education Director:  

Rev. Stacey Foster

Phone: 901-522-8678


Sunday School Superintendent:

Rev. James Davis

Asst. Sunday School Superintendent:

Barbara Houston

Vacation Bible School:

Alexis Partee & Jessica Williams

Teen Summit: FIYA Team

New Member Orientation:

Pastor Derrick & First Lady Glenda Davis

Pastoral Care Ministry 
Pastoral Care Ministry – Designed to touch and be the “helpers” of the pastor and church. For those persons needing help in counseling, marriage support, Prayer, and other needs.


Director of Pastoral Care:

Carlos Newsom  

Care Phone: 901-522-8678


Benevolence Ministry: 

Carlos Newsom, Stacey Foster, Kim Burse
Bereavement Ministry: Executive Council
Hospital/Care Ministry: 

Willie Mae Marshall
Marriage Council Ministry: 

Ministerial Staff
Intercessory Prayer Team: 

Elder Walter Davis


Missions Ministry 
Designed to serve the church by maintaining perfect order in the house of the Lord. To assist with the service in every way to make the worship experience a pleasant one. To provide support to the various ministries of the church as it relates to special events.


Director of Missions:

Clarissa Glover

Phone: 901-522-8678


Women’s Ministry: Glenda Davis, Sonya Newsom, & Glenise Davis
Children/Youth/Young Adult Director:  Ericka Herndon
Gabriel’s Den: Takisha Porter

Culinary Ministry: Talmea Taylor

Deacon’s Ministry 
Designed to serve the church by maintaining perfect order in the house of the Lord. To assist with the service in every way that makes the worship experience a pleasant one. Help assist pastor in serving tables (finance, Lord’s Supper, and Pastor) To provide support to the various auxiliaries of the church as it relates to special events


Director/Chairman of Deacon:

 Robert Moore, Sr.

Phone: 901-522-8678


Deacons: Dennis Hawkins, Sr., Chris Ross, Prentiss Moody, Carlos Newsom, Derren Davis
Deaconess  Ministry: Willie Mae Marshall
Mother’s Ministry: Addie Auguster
Golden Circle Ministry: Barbara Houston
Men’s Ministry: Carlos Newsom

Public Relations and Administration Ministry 
Public relations and administration ministry receives and administers data and information for the church. It also creates an atmosphere of excellence for all to read, see, and communicate. It functions as the voice of the church through various mediums.


Director of Public Relations and Administrations:

 Ms. Gilda Gant


Assistant Director: Nichelle Quinn

Hospitality / Greeter Ministry: Loretta Underwood, Wrennie Underwood
Social Media: Ericka Herndon , Mary Arnold, Nichellle Quinn
Usher’s Ministry: Chief Usher Quantricia Maxwell

Church Announcer: Glenise Davis


Trustee Ministry 
Designed to serve the church by maintaining perfect order in the house of the Lord. To assist with the finance team and record-keeping; helping to ensure proper administration of the funds of the church.


Director/ Chairperson:

Deborah Webster

Phone: 901-522-8678


Co-Chair – Kim Burse , Glenise Davis, Prentiss Moody
Treasurer – Robert Moore
Financial Secretary – Quaintricia Maxwell
Finance Team – Staff
MIS – Prentiss Moody / Derren Davis / Quantricia Maxwell / Priscilla Moragne




PRAYER LINE: (712)770-4837 MON-FRI   ACCESS CODE: 293029